Hire Me!

I’m available for all kinds of commissions and freelance work including party caricature artist. Below I’ve listed some of my rates for the various services I offer.

Caricature Rates

Rochester / Buffalo area: available for birthday parties, corporate parties, wedding receptions, benefits, fundraisers, promotional events, bar and bat mitzfahs, post-prom parties, and bachelorette parties, or studio work.

Partys: $150/hr with a minimum of 2 hrs. Party caricatures can be done in black and white or color. I can draw just faces or full body sketches.

How many per hour can I draw?

  • minimum of 20/hr black & white faces
  • minimum of 15/hr color faces
  • minimum of 15/hr black & white full body
  • minimum of 8/hr full body

Studio: Varies depending on the complexity of sketch and number of subjects and medium. Studio pieces can be in black and white, color or digital coloring.

Graphic Design

Any and all graphic design needs including: t-shirts(with color separations), logo design, digital coloring, digital artwork, print media, etc.

Rate: $30/hr


Full-color or black and white in any desired medium for magazines, children’s books, novels, posters, advertisements, c.d. covers, personal commissions, etc.

Rate: Varies depending on complexity, size, and desired medium.

Comic Book Illustration

Penciling, inking, lettering, and digital coloring for sequentials, pin-ups, covers, or personal commissions.

Rate: Varies depending on task or multiple tasks per job.


Rate: Varies depending on size and medium.

For any questions on rates or for a project estimate email me with a detailed description of your project or party with desired sizes or mediums that may apply.

Random Mack Comic Book Character