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If you’re interesting in having a gift caricature done or just something for yourself go ahead and send me a message with what you’re looking to have done and how many people. Gift caricatures are great for the person who has everything or for the person you’re just not sure what to get. They can be personalized to the subject’s interests in a way few other things can. Commissions can be used as family pictures, Christmas cards, business advertisement, or any number of things. All you’ve got to do is send me some high resolution photos and I can draw the caricatures right from the photos. Pricing varies from quick sketches, like you’d get at the fair, or higher quality studio sketches like you might find in a magazine or other publication.

I’m also available for comic book style commissions. Get a drawing done of your favorite character or multiple characters. I could also draw you or someone else as a comic book character. These can be done on paper or sketch covers. Send a message to inquire about pricing.



I mainly serve the Buffalo area and the Rochester area in western New York. I am also available in the Syracuse area and beyond for an additional travel charge. I draw traditional caricatures as well as digital caricatures at events such as wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday parties, trade shows, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, grad parties, reunions, college events, post proms, etc.

Traditional Caricatures: (drawn in marker on 11″x15″ paper) These are best for large parties, like wedding receptions, where you want to make sure as many people as possible can be drawn. $200/hr with a booking of at least 2 hrs. or $250 for just one hour. Party caricatures can be done in black and white or color. I can draw just faces or full body sketches. Custom footers can be printed on the paper for an additional charge.

How many per hour can I draw?

  • minimum of 20/hr to possibly 30/hr black & white faces
  • about 12/hr faces in color
  • minimum of 15/hr black & white full bodies
  • about 8/hr full bodies in color

Digital Caricatures: (drawn on a tablet, displayed on a 32″ monitor, and printed on 3″x5″ photopaper) Great for trade shows or promotional events where the objective is for the most eye-catching display. $250/hr with a minimum booking of 2 hours. A custom footer with your business’s logo or other message included at no additional cost. Pre-drawn body themes can be added for an additional fee.

How many per hour can I draw?

  • about 10/hr faces in color